Problem with states and Pick Many

Jan 25, 2016

I'm working on a Freeform Pick Many slide. I inserted buttons as the objects to be selected. The default selected state of the buttons has a bold white border and the blue glow. Once I converted it to Freeform, the selected state changed for 5 out of the six buttons. The five now only have the glow. For consistency, I want them all to have the bold white border and blue glow. Does anyone know why the Freeform is changing my selected state?

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Preston Ruddell

I had this issue on a past quiz I developed...  I had all of my shapes formatted, and then added them as possible responses to the pick one freeform question.  I lost the custom format that I had tone

When you add the question as a response to the freeform question, storyline adds default formatting to the shape's states.  It was an easy fix for me - Just apply the formatting to the shapes after adding them as a response to the freeform question.  To speed this process up, I formatted one shape, then double clicked the format painter.  After that, I clicked every shape I included as a possible response to copy the formatting (states included).

Hope this helps!

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