Problem with states and text fields hiding


I am trying to do something I believe is pretty basic, but am unable to make it happen. this is what I am trying to do:

Have the user mouse over and select the words that make up a "Material Number".  Once a word is selected, a definition of that word would appear. (The selected word would also keep its color until another word is selected).

When the user wants to select another word that makes up a "Material Number", the prior definition would disappear and the appropriate definition would then appear.

I am trying to structure this so I will be able to insert a marker on a given word in the definition to further explain that word (a branch).

This explanation may not make sense. I am not even sure what I am talking about anymore. I have attached the story file. 

I am also wide open to suggestions on how to make this easier. Thank you for your help.

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Walt Hamilton


You are working too hard; let Storyline do some of the work for you. Specifically, the hover, down and selected states are built in, and do their thing automatically. If you write triggers for them, strange and not always wonderful things will happen.

I worked on the triggers for the PEP number, and used a state change to make an additional definition appear. (Markers don't work with states.)

Click on Mild Steel, then 1079, then hover over the PEP code explanation, and I think you'll see what you want.

Steve Berebitsky

Yep! That is certainly it! I changed all of them up to match and works like a charm. I also like the idea of hovering over the definition to see more information. If I were to try to insert a marker, would I put the definition of the Mild Steel onto a separate layer and put the marker on that layer?

Thank you very much for your help!

Walt Hamilton

I think that might work.  What you would run into is that hovering over the definition would bring up the marker, and then the user would have to hover over it to see its contents.  To make that work, the layer with the marker could not hide other layers, and the marker would have to be placed where you could hover over it without leaving the original hover or it will close the layer with the marker before you can get to it.