Problem with Storyline's "Press key" function in Internet Explorer 11.

I have a problem with the one function in Storyline 360. I'm talking about
"presses a key". I need to use action like this:
- lightbox slide when user presses a key : F1 or F2 or TAB - only
functional keys from the keyboard.

This function work without a complaint only in Google Chrome (you can look
here <>), but in Internet
Explorer 11 I have a problem because in addition to calling action in
course, function keys also trigger the appropriate action in the web
browser (you can check the same link in IE11).

You have any idea to block it in the web browser that the course would work
as in Google Chrome? I'm waiting for the answer as soon as possible.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Pola,

Thanks for sharing that link, I also tested in it Chrome and Edge, and saw that the keystrokes all brought up what looked like a lightbox slide?

As for how to force a browser not to respond to thosekey strokes, there isn't a method in Storyline. We always recommend testing the output before sending to learners. 

Some keystrokes are common keyboard shortcuts for web browsers—for example, F1, Alt+D, and Ctrl+T. Because learners view published courses in a web browser, some keystrokes could result in unwanted behavior.

The parent application—the web browser—will always receive the keystrokes first. This behavior cannot be changed. If a conflict occurs, we recommend that you adjust the design or requirements of your content to avoid the conflicting keystrokes.

You'll also see the above noted in our article here.