Problem with Submit Button in Free-form Drag and Drop

Hi Everyone, 

I have a project with a free-form drag and drop activity, so that when learners hit the submit button, either a continue button or try again button will appear on the screen (depending on whether there are 'drop correct' or 'drop incorrect' drop states).  I use a simple variableEverything works fine when I preview the slide alone, but when I preview the entire project, hitting the submit button just skips to the next slide. I took this off a template from the Storyline downloads page. 

I'm not quite sure what's going on here...can anyone help out? 



Here's what it looks like:

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Kevin Thorn

Check the slide properties. You may have the player's default "Submit" button turned off but there still may be a trigger associated to your custom button. Even though it's a custom drag and drop it's still an interaction template - be sure your Submit button trigger is set to "Submit Interaction" and not "Jump to Next Slide." That way your correct and incorrect feedback layers will communicate with the results of the learner's actions.

Ishan Thakore

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for responding. Kevin, I checked my Submit button and it's set to submit interaction, although I did delete the "Incorrect" and "Correct" Layers. Instead, I opted for the states of the drag objects to change to reflect if they were correct or incorrect. Would this have something to do with it? 

And Anne, I attached part of the project below. If you preview the slide alone, it works just how I want it to. However, if I preview the project or scene, hitting submit just skips to the next slide. I feel like I'm making a simple mistake here- I'm fairly new to Storyline and am just trying to build a pretty straightforward course.

Anyways thanks for the prompt replies and I appreciate your support!


The correct answers for the drag and drop are Shyam Account= Personal Account, Your Cash Account= Real Account 

Annie Jean

Hi Ishan,

I have looked at your story file and played with it a bit.

I noticed that you had many triggers on different buttons or shapes when those had to be at the slide or the player level.

The only way I found to make it work is to bring back the "correct" layer.

You will also see that the triggers on the drag and drop slide are applied to the submit button.

One thing to consider, though, is the order of the triggers because it can cause you headaches.

You have to make sure that they are in the order you want them to execute.

For example, in your file, the variable changes have to happen before an action considering the value of that same variable.

Hope it helps and it makes sens to you.

If you need further information, don't hesitate to post back.

Have a nice weekend!


Kevin Thorn

Annie is correct. If you're using a quiz template either pre-built or blank, it's programmed to behave with both the Correct and Incorrect layers. You don't have to use those 'named' layers but you do need them if you're using the trigger, "Submit Interaction." That trigger is what sends the results to either of those layers respectively.

You can create any number of feedback layers and design them any way you please, but using that trigger must include two layers named accordingly.

If you don't want to use that approach you can built a completely custom quiz, but it will require a number of variables to evaluate choices and feedback.

Ishan Thakore

Ahh- everything makes sense now. Seems like I was complicating things a bit. I was also able to get it work by removing the variable and keeping the "correct" and "incorrect" layers blank (with only a short timeline), and triggers that hid those layers once the timeline ended. That way when the user hits the submit button and the states of the objects were in "drop correct," the continue button would still appear on the base layer. The correct layer would also appear, but it because it was blank, and the timeline was less than a second, it would disappear quickly. BUT, that  took a lot of tinkering and is fairly convoluted haha, and the simple solution works much better. 

Thank you Annie for posting your file, it was very helpful, and thank you Kevin for your suggestions and making things clear.  



Connie Betts

I removed the feedback text and now I don't have correct and incorrect layers. I'm using submit interaction and I don't want to manage the variables. The multiple choice form won't let me edit the Feedback areas to add text back. I tried creating two layers called "Incorrect" and "Correct", but when I preview it goes through the first question and hangs on the second question. How do I get those two layers back?

Thank you for your help.