Problem with Text Input


I inserted a text input on the main slide and created two layers in that slide. What I want to achieve is to have the students fill the text first. Next, a button "check your answer" appears once they click outside of the text entry box. And then, students will need to click "check your answer" button to trigger the answer layer. However, there is a problem with the answer layer page that I was directed back to the main slide if I clicked my mouse on the answer layer page. No matter where I clicked, I was directed back to the main slide. I don't want the students to be directed back to the main slide. They are supposed to stay in this answer layer unless they click the customized buttons presented on the page. Is there anything wrong with my setup? Please see the attached file. 

Thanks a lot for the help in advance! 


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David Schwartz

Hi Yun,

The issue is that the Answer layer allows the user to click on the base layer. And so when they click on the answer layer, your slide trigger on the base layer fires. But you need to enable the user to click on the base layer to get to the tabs.

I'd suggest putting the "Check Your Answer" button on the base layer, eliminate the Submit layer entirely, and change the instructions to say to click "Check Your Answer" after typing. 

Set the trigger for the "Check Your Answer" button to go to the Answer layer only if TextEntry is not blank.

That worked for me.