Problem with texts overlapping

Hi everybody!

I am currently encountering a problem when I publish a Storyline project. When I visualize it (story_html5) in Google Chrome, there is no problem. But when I do it on Microsoft Edge, some texts are overlapping and I don't know why. You will see examples attached.

Is there any reasons why I can see the publication properly with Chrome but not with Microsoft Edge? Can you fix the problem? 

Thanks very much for your answer!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marion, 

What error message did you see trying to upload your images? While you try sharing again, I wanted to offer some other ideas.

First, did you upload your course to your web server vs. testing it locally? Often testing content locally can cause odd behavior as the browser can't reference all the files in the output, or it's running into security restrictions. If you're using Articulate 360, publishing to Review is a good testing option. You could also look at using Amazon S3 or upload to Tempshare (as long as you're using HTML5 + Flash). 

Next, do you know what version of Chrome and Edge you're using? You'll want to check that you're on the latest version of each. 

I'll be here when you're ready to share those images to take a look! 

Marion Lagalie

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your answer!

Unfortunately, the problem occurs either on the LMS and when I test it locally. I'm using Articulate Storyline 2.

Here is my version of Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0 / Microsoft EdgeHTML 17.17134, and Google Chrome: Version 68.0.3440.106 (Build officiel) (64 bits).

Same problem with Firefox : Version 61.0.2 (64 bits).

Hope you will receive my attachment this time,

Thanks for your answer!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi M L,

I do not see where Marion submitted a file to our support team, so I do not have any additional information outside of what you see here. I know it's hard to pinpoint issues when they are difficult to replicate, but let's try to get to the bottom of it together.

  • How are you publishing/sharing the course?
  • What environment is the reviewer looking at the content in? Is there a certain browser?

Do you have a .story file to share so that we can test uploading as well?