Problem with the Menu

Hallo together!

I have a question about the menu. So I want the menu to be locked, so that the user won't be able to jump into other chapter.


On the different slides I put trigger that the user is only able to jump to the next slide, in case he has clicked all the boxes. When he is finished, they turn from grey to black again.

But when I set the menu to locked, it won't work. The user clicks all the boxes, the next button turns again to black, but he still has to wait until the Progress bar is done.

So what I don't understand is, why is this connected and why does the next button turns black and still does not work.

I hope it's clear what I meant. Thank you a lot in advanced.



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Crystal Horn

Hi Gina!  It sounds like you might have your triggers competing with the navigation that you've set in the Player Properties window.  The "locked" navigation is going to force the learner to wait until the timeline finishes on each slide before the Next button will work, even though you have a trigger to enable it based on the user clicking the boxes.

A simple way to have those two navigation designs work together would be to shorten the length of your timeline (as short as you need) so that the learner can move away from that slide once the trigger is satisfied (clicking the boxes).

You're welcome to share your file here, and we can have a more specific look!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gina,

The menu on the left will turn grey once a user has visited a slide. Some times you'll see a scene title, and that won't change to grey until the scene is completed. 

If you're running in an issue with a course that isn't changing as you'd expect we'd want to take a look at it confirm how it was behaving. 

Gina Ruether

Thank you, but this is client work. I am afraid, I am not allowed to share. So even if I finish the chapter, it won’t turn grey. So there is no setting to handle this?

 Also another question. Sometimes when I use the Zoomfunktion, the content is not sharp at all. Any idea what this might be?

 Thanks a lot in advanced!


Ali Goulet

Hi Gina! 

Are you seeing this menu behavior happening while previewing in Storyline itself or when viewing the published content? If the latter is the case, what environment are you publishing for and where are you viewing the published content from? You'll want to make sure you're viewing the content in the environment it was published for, otherwise you may notice some undesired behavior. 

Sometimes zooming in can cause an image to be blurry as it may not be able to scale to the size of the browser window. This thread provided some information regarding a similar issue, and Phil offered a suggestion for how to resize an image for using the zoom feature. 

I know you mentioned not being able to share your file here. If it's an issue of privacy, you're welcome to share your file privately with our Support Engineers by way of this form

Gina Ruether

Hi Ali,

thank you for your answer!

So the thing is.. at first I created all the content in english. Now that I imported different languages packages, I get problems with the menu (not turning grey after visiting) and the sharpness of some zoom-animations.

This is confusing me. I will ask my client, if it is ok to send it tomorrow morning, just to make sure :)

Thank you again!