Problem with the state trigger for custom Drag and Drops

Mar 22, 2016

When creating a custom drag and drop the ideal solution is to keep the submit button disabled until all targets are populated. Now there isn't really and easy way to do this in storyline as you cannot simply ask if 'objects A-D' have been dropped successfully.

The closest you can get are the drop correct and drop incorrect but there is a bug that stops this from working:

You can ask... Change state of Submit to Normal if State of Objects A-D are Drop Correct/Incorrect

But what if some are correct and other incorrect, surely the following should work...

Change state of Submit to Normal if State of Objects A-D are not Normal

However it does not, even though all of the objects are now drop states.


Anyone got any bright idea on how to keep it locked until all objects are on targets...

**Also there is an issue when you replace an object in a target and it snaps to its starting point this does not reset the object to Normal it is still in a drop state.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

Built-in states like Drop Correct, Drop Incorrect, Hover, etc. are all modifications to the normal state (or to a user created state). So, for example, a shape can be in both the hover state and the normal state at the same time as these built-in states modify the current state. Because of that, when a shape is in the drop correct state, as in your example, it's also still in the normal state. I would look at instead of referencing the "not normal" state adding some triggers/variables to track when all three shapes have had the drop correct/drop incorrect states set.

This was also discussed with a few samples in this thread and was something shared with our QA team to look at changing the behavior in future versions as the explanation above is the current design. 

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