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Nov 23, 2015

I have made a slide which has some buttons with normal and visited states. When I click on the buttons the states work perfectly except for the first button which doesn't work. This button changes state from normal to visited if only I click another button after this. Please find attached the file,  I would appreciate it if you can help me with this.

Thank you

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Mark Shepherd

Hi Dimitra!

Random thoughts regarding your e-Learning project:

In your uploaded example, you are not really using buttons, but GROUPS. 

Many ELP developers in the community have reported significant issues regarding creation of states using this approach, even though in many cases (it actually worked perfectly for me, ALL of your buttons), they will work.


1. Insert your 5-6 Buttons using a plain Yellow Style (Format Contextual Tab).

2. Edit the States for this Button and create a Visited Button State using the New Option.

3. When editing the states, add the appropriate graphics into the button itself for the Normal state, so that those graphics are connected to the BUTTON (and its requisite STATE), thereby preventing you from having to write triggers to hide the graphics (redundant).

4. Add your triggers to fire your message layers.  If you add a text Box tor your Visited States, you can easily switch from Normal to Visited when the user clicks the button.  Easy-peasy!

Hope this helps!



Brian Allen


There is definitely something different with that first button than all the others, but I can't figure out what it is.  The other buttons work just fine, I honestly wouldn't change anything as far as what you're doing.

Groups or no groups, the great thing about Storyline is that you can do things many different ways, there isn't usually just one "right" way to do it.  Your buttons ARE actually buttons, you just built them a different way.

Have you tried removing button 1, copying one of your other buttons that work and using the copied button to rebuild button 1?  That's probably where I'd start.

Hope this helps

Angi Lewis


It appears to me the state change is assigned to the picture 4 for that 1st button, but the others are set to state change for the group. If you update the change to be based on the group instead of picture 4, it should work.

Also, buttons as mentioned above, are a great idea. An invisible button over the top of each group may provide more reliable results.

Good Luck!

Brian Allen
Dimitra Makrozonari

all the states re assigned to the groups

Dimitra, I agree, it looked to me like all your triggers were correctly set up.  Hard to say for sure why that first button isn't working.  Again, I would try copying one of your buttons that do work and recreating button one from that.

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