Problem with trying to use variables in course navigation

I've got a course with 3 modules that I want learners to be able to complete in any order. Tried to set it up so that:

- when the timeline on the last slide of each module ends a variable switches from 'false' to 'true'. 

- main course homepage changes the state of the object representing each module to 'complete' when the corresponding variable is true (i.e. when the learners completed it)

- When all 3 are 'complete'  the learner is taken to a exit slide thanking them for their time & recapping main points.

The variable changes, and triggers the appropriate state change, for ONE of the three modules...but not the other two. Even though they look identical to me. 

I've attached screenshots. Any ideas would be much appreciated. 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Grace

can you confirm that all three variables are changing to True?  On the slides where the variable is changed to true on timeline end - is it possible that the user can click the previous or next button before timeline ends and that variable is not changing?

Can you share the .story file - might be easier for someone to spot something if they can see the setup.