Problem with Update 6


I opened Storyline yesterday and received a message that an update was available. I had the update installed by my IT department, and ever since then I am not able to open Storyline. My IT department has tried installing and installing. They have removed all Storyline files from my computer and even tried to install the old version. I still cannot open Storyline. I am under a critical deadline and desperate. I have contacted Articulate Support 2 times, and what they have suggested hasn't worked. I need help. Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks.

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debra corda

Thank you, Adrian; however, my IT department was not able to remove the Articulate Font. He tried logged it as an administrator, but the font just would not delete. I appreciate your help. They are going to rebuild my profile and send another laptop. The deadline I am under is critical to a client delivery, and we can't just keep trying. Again, thank you.