Problem with variables & triggers


I have a storyline with 82 slides, and I've used variables and triggers along with a shape with text in so that each slide has a box that states 'slide * of 82' and it automatically sorts the increase in number.  My slides also have audio, which starts as the timeline starts. I am using the player for navigation, with the slider enabled, so that users can pause / rewind the audio. 

I've just discovered that if you use the slider to control the audio, every click increases the slide numbers by one!

Can anyone help? Do i need to set a condition on my triggers?



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Brian Allen

Very helpful!

The problem looks like you may be counting the same slide more than once.

To avoid this I usually add a True/False variable to each slide... Lots of work for 82 slides but it will ensure that each slide is only counted once.

It will look something like this - 

  • Variable: Slide1Viewed, default value False
  • Slide counter trigger: Add 1 to SlideNo when timeline starts for object Slide 1, IF Slide1Viewed = False
  • Slide viewed trigger: Change value of Slide1Viewed to True when timeline starts for object Slide 1

You'll always want to order the slide counter trigger on top of (or before) the slide viewed trigger.

Walt Hamilton

There is nothing wrong with these triggers, but they are the intended actions. What you are describing is an unintended action, and if you knew where to find it so you could post a picture of it, you'd be able to fix it.

There is no way around it. If someone is going to find an unintended action for you, they are going to have to see the master, the slides, everything.

As Brian suggested, five slides will do it. Start a new project, import the first slides, replace the audio with music, and scrub them of anything confidential and attach it here.

Besides, that in itself is a pretty good troubleshooting technique. Who knows, as you delete things from the slides, you may find the problem.

Brian Allen

Jessica, just thinking about this, and if your course navigation allows backwards navigation to previous pages your slide number counter will be off. For example, if I get to slide 43, my counter will read 43 of 82. If I jump back to review slide 24, my counter will still read 43 of 82.

Is your course navigation set up to just go straight through, or do you allow your students to view previous slides?

Jessica Jackson

Hi Brian

thank you so much for your input! I've allowed them to view previous sides - I've just been working through it with my colleague (who is very experienced) and he worked out that if I add another trigger to say subtract 1 when user clicks the previous button, it all works well. Also changed it that it a click on the next button, rather than the timeline starting, that triggers the +1. We're on a deadline so it's a relatively quick and dirty fix! Next time I'll use a slide master with these triggers etc in, and use try out the true / false as you suggested, thank you :). I'm very much learning, as you can tell! Every mistake is a lesson learned. 

best wishes