Problem with Web Objects in Storyline


I am trying to insert Captivate simulations as web objects. I want them to launch in a new browser window. When I insert them and test the link, they work. However, when I published and sent it for upload to our LMS, we got the attached errors. And the simulations were blank pages.

Any idea what is wrong?



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Brian Allen
Linda Tromanhauser

Hi Brian,

They are on my laptop. I am navigating to the folder which contains my Index.html file (and the .swf and .js files too - they're all in the same folder).

Ok, then this is probably the problem.

You need to make sure that your captivate files are being uploaded to a web server location and that your web object is pointing to the http URL for that location.

If you're updating an existing course that is working in your LMS already, you may try figuring out the http location of the existing captivate files and use that in your updated course.

Brian Allen
Linda Tromanhauser

Brian, do you think the Portuguese characters in a file name would cause this? For example: Atividade – Acessar uma Transação.swf.   


I'm not familiar enough to say with any authority, but I would definitely test it without special characters and see if that fixes the issue for you.