Problema en Articulate español

Un saludo a todos.

El problema es el siguiente  al iniciar el curso el usuario hace un avance pero cierra el curso, y  en otro momento quiere ingresar al mismo  punto que  termino la ultima sesión, como seria la configuración interna o script para solucionar este problema de auto guardado de avance del curso.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jose -- Thanks for your question! My apologies that I am not a Spanish-speaker, but from the Google translation below, I understand that you are asking about Resume Behavior. 

Greetings to all. The problem is this the beginning of the course the user makes a breakthrough but closes the course, and later want to enter the same point that ended the last session, as serious internal configuration or script to solve this problem of auto save progress course. Thank you for the cooperation. 

Please review this information on Changing the Resume Behavior, and this post on a similar topic may be of some assistance, as well.