Problems by Resources and Glossary tabs in HTML5 Safari on Ipad

I try my course with html5 Safari on iPad but I have some problems.
The titles of my attachments are missing in the ‘Resources’ tab.
And, in the ‘Glossairy’ tab, the background colors are not colors that I chose in the player (blue is changing by white and reverse ) and also, the information is missing.

Did you ever seen this problem? Do you have a solution?

By the way, I publish my course:
-   juste by checking the box "Include HTML5 output"
-  LMS : SCORM 2004
-  Edition : 4th Edition


Best regards


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Azadée,

First, do you currently have Private Browsing disabled in Safari? If you need information on how to do this, please check out the following article:

Articulate Support > HTML5 output doesn't load correctly in Safari with Private Browsing enabled

Second, try to make sure you're publishing with the most recent version of Storyline. To find this information, click on "Help" and "About Articulate Storyline". If you aren't using version 2 (1212.1412), please download and install the update from the link below:

Articulate > Storyline Update 2

If the problem continues, can you tell me if you're unable to see the titles and correct colors when viewing the course on your PC through a different browser? 


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Azadée,

Thanks for getting back to me. I know it may not seem like it, but that's a little bit of good news. At least we know if's not just an issue on the iPad, if it's functioning the same way on the PC. 

Are you able to create a new, blank Storyline course and import the slides from the original project? After doing so, please try publishing and uploading your content to your web server or LMS for testing. Does the same thing happen with the new course?

If you still see the same issues after importing into a new file, we may need to take a closer look a the files.You'll be able to attach the .STORY file on the second page of the following form:

Articulate Support - Submit a Support Case

Please be sure to include a description of your issue. Please also include the URL for this thread in the form. Also, please share the case number with me. You're welcome to do so here, or in a private message. This way I can follow the progress of the case and update this thread.


Peter Anderson

Hi all,

You may find that some Articulate Storyline player tabs, such as Resources and Glossary, appear unexpectedly in HTML5 output even though you hid them from specific slides in your course. This issue was corrected in Update 3 for Storyline. Please review the following article for more information: