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Mark Hahm

I think I have solved the problem. In Windows 10, I assigned Word 2016 as a default app for opening documents. Seems to works OK now. Never occurred to me that this needed to be done, but I am using Parallels desktop on my Mac. Also, I opted to have Word 2016 running (open) while the translation occurred.  Not A PC guy, so that may have been the problem.

Scott Holmes


This seems to be the most up-to-date thread on this topic. I'm getting this same empty error message when trying to export for translation. The only difference is that I am using Storyline 2. Has anyone found a work-around? I'm on Windows 10, recently uninstalled and reinstalled SL2, working from my local drive, with Word closed. No go. Any help is greatly appreciated.



Katie Riggio

Really sorry about that error message, Scott.

Smart move to also open a case with our Support Engineers! I saw that my teammate, Jose, isolated the issue to corrupted objects. While it's hard to nail down the root of corruption, these pro-tips can help mitigate the risk!

And have no fear here! After deleting and then recreating those objects, we were able to create an exported translation file ready for download in your case. Let us know what you think!