problems importing Quizmaker into Storyline

Oct 04, 2012

I imported a Quizmaker quiz into Storyline, but I can't seem to get the "Success" slide to show when they score above 50% and the "Fail" slide to show otherwise.  I'm attaching the quiz.  Any help you could give would be very appreciated.

Thank you.

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Mike Enders


I couldn't get your file to open.  But...

In Storyline there aren't separate slides per se. Just layers.  If you look at the results slide, you should see layers for success and failure.  These are what you'd alter similar to your passing and failing slides in QM.   Quiz properties (in case you need to work with the passing percentage) are found in the edit results slide area.

I hope this helps...

Mike Enders


The layers actually appear as part of the Results slide.  If the learner passes, the Failure layer appears over the top of the results slide, creating a failure results slide. If they pass, the success layer will appear, thereby creating a Passing results slide.  In both case, 80% of the content is the same, just the you passed or failed line change.

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