Problems Publishing with both Articulate 2 & 3

I'm having a problem publishing my courses. I can preview just fine, however when I publish to Web or LMS and click 'View' when it is complete, the skin opens but the session never plays. Even sessions that worked in the past are giving me the same problem. Does anyone know of a solution?

I've attached one of the three I've been trying to publish in hopes someone can tell me what I've done wrong. 

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Karel Wagner

Hi Wendy. Thank you for responding, I'm hoping to resolve this before Monday.

I tried uploading it to Dropbox and asked a peer to try it, if that is what you are referencing. This is my personal computer and I don't have a LMS in which to test it. The weird thing is I had no problems prior to loading Storyline 3. This is my first attempt since my Storyline 3 download and now the Storyline 2 session will not play as well.

Any suggestions you can offer is appreciated.

Karel Wagner

Hi Wendy, 

Well I tried the SL3 repair, and no luck. I was able to get the SL2 files to show in the Tempshare, but not the SL3 files and neither files will show on my own system.

I uninstalled and reinstalled both SL2 & SL3 and still neither will play a file on my laptop after I've published. 

I believe I need some technical assistance from Articulate at this point. 

Thank you so much for the your assistance and the Tempshaare & SCORMcloud sites. At least I'm able to meet my deadline.

Karel Wagner

Hello Community, 

I wanted to come back and post the resolution to this problem in case someone encounters the same situation. 

It seems that the latest Flash player 23 has added a default security feature that blocks the articulate playback. Below is a link to resolve it for your desired browser.

My browser was Microsoft Edge. I tried following the directions for Edge and it still would not work without clicking both the 'Allow blocked blah blah' and 'Restore webpage' messages every time .

So I changed my default browser to Chrome, and used the instructions in the below link, and everything works fine. I hope this is helpful to someone.

Flash Player Security override