Problems setting font size in placeholder on slide master

I'm trying to set up slide masters using placeholder text for a heading and body text boxes. I thought I had succeeded but when I place text in the textboxes the font is considerably smaller than the 13.5 size I set up. If I highlight the text it tells me it's 13.5 but it I create a new text box using 13.5 you can see the difference.

This is only my 2nd Storyline project - for my first I created each text box as required so I thought this would save me time but it's proving to be a nightmare and I'm on verge of doing what I did last time.

I have now found that I can use a default text box so maybe that's what I will have to do but I don't want to give up on the slide master if I'm doing something obviously wrong?

Any help much appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Brett Rockwood

I agree with Phil; I would check the text box properties to make sure it isn't set to Shrink to Fit. (Right-click on the text box — not the text itself — and select Format Shape. Then click Text Box and make sure "Shrink text on overflow" is not selected.  This one throws a lot of people off.

And I also agree text placeholders on Master slides don't function as expected. For example, if you set custom line spacing or paragraph spacing on your master text box it is ignored when you enter text in it on the regular slide, reverting always to single spacing for both line and paragraph settings. This is a known bug and something that really needs to be fixed before text boxes on master slides can really be useful.