Problems since latest update

Jun 08, 2020

Hi there ,

since the latest update, I can no longer check Tab Order in the Preview.  This seems to be totally inconsistent. On some slides in the preview, it will work, on others it will partly work and on most, it doesn't work at all. I have one slide with hotspots where the hotspots are the only objects to show despite the other objects being in the tab order list. 

Is there a way to resolve this? 



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Sam Hill

Hi Sue, are you able to confirm if elements such as buttons or items acting as buttons have the Tab focus (yellow border)? One of the more significant changes is to text fields. They no longer receive Tab focus as they are not accessed using the Tab key but accessed using the arrows keys when using a screen reader. This may be the difference you are seeing. Storyline no longer uses "Applications mode" which meant everything had to be accessed using the Tab key. Hopefully this is the answer and you are not experiencing an issue.

Sue Meehan

Hi Sam, 

thanks for the response. I see what you mean. It is only buttons and a few other elements that are now tabbed to and as a consequence of this, on some slides that contain text boxes and objects, nothing but the slide itself is tabbed too. I tried using the arrow keys to access the other objects however and the only time this worked was on an MCQ quiz slide. 

Just to add, I am tabbing in Preview, not in the Published File. Does this only work when the project is published? And perhaps this is a stupid question but is this change of navigation evident to screen reader users or should I highlight this in our How to Navigate this Course page? 

Thank you, 



Lauren Connelly

Hi Sue!

I'm happy to step in! You're correct, text boxes and objects can't be tabbed to or highlighted. Instead, you'll want to navigate through the slide using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Interactive objects such as buttons, text entry fields, and hotspots will be highlighted when tabbed to.

For example, if you want a text box to be read on a slide then you'll use the arrow keys to move through the tab order until it reaches the text. You can continue using the down arrow to read the following line.

I've also recorded a short tutorial sharing how to interact with a slide that has either text and a shape or text and a button. You can find the link here.