Problems trying to review slide and file

Apr 10, 2020

Hello, I've tried multiple times to review a single slide as well as an entire project and I keep getting pop-up errors, "what were you doing when this error occurred...".

I've checked for updates, and updated the version. I've restarted the computer, and I've cleared the laptop cache as well as the Recycle bin. Any takers for what's up and why I can't review a slide or the project?


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Heather,

There appears to be a problem with the actual slide as opposed to the content (don't ask me why!), but at least the solution is therefore a simple one.

In the attached version, I have created a new slide, copied all of the components of the original slide to it and then deleted the original slide. Now everything works as it is supposed to and the slide can be previewed.

One thing I did notice is that your final graphic (Hardware Infrastructure) appears after the relevant audio track has finished as opposed to before it starts.

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