Problems uploading Storyline 2 course to skillport LMS

Jun 17, 2015

Please I really need help with this. I am trying to upload a course created with Articulate Storyline 2 to Skillport LMS which is the LMS we use. I keep getting this error message:

Error encountered: 0 IMSMANIFEST.XML files found. A course must have a single IMSMANIFEST.XML file.

But there is an IMSMANIFEST file in the zipped course (see the image below). I don't know what i am doing wrong. Please help.

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Bola Owoade

Thanks Steve, I was constantly on email and phone to Skillsoft yesterday so I think I might have cracked it, because I also started getting a robocopy error (???), but was told that there was supposed to be no spaces in the name of the course. Will be working on it today so hopefully it will all be sorted.

And thanks Christie for checking.


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