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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robin,

I'd love to help.

What type of issues or complaints are you hearing about viewing the courses? Could you tell me a bit more about the courses and how your viewing them:

  • Are they files created brand new in SL3, or upgraded from previous SL2 files?
    • If created in SL2, how did these files behave on iOS devices?
  • What iOS version and iPad/iPhone devices are you using?
  • Are they hosted on your web server or LMS?
  • How did you insert the video? 
  • Does it show the Play button on top of the video, and nothing happens, or does that slide appear blank upon visiting it?

Also, if you'd like to share a copy of your .story file that'll help us do some additional testing! 

Robin van der Burght

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply, it appears that this problem was caused because we have our own e-learning application where we import the Scorm packages. The application can't play the films on Apple products that Storyline exports. On other systems like Scorm Cloud it is working. Our technical team is now looking for a solution :)

Heather Creer-Rygalski


We are using SL2, zipped the SCORM 1.2 files and uploaded the files to our LMS. Using the iPhone, you can't see the animated words come into the picture. The backgrounds and audio do work.

For the Android, the backgrounds aren't coming through but the audio and animated text are coming through.

Also,  we set as 16:9 we can't turn our devices to the side on the Android or the iPhone to get a larger picture. 

What can we do to fix these issues?

Thank you,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather, 

Have you already checked how the animation works in SCORM Cloud as well? It's a great tool to help narrow down issues and determine if it's file specific or an issue with the LMS. 

If the same thing happens there with your animations and background, can we take a look at your .story file? You can share it here with us or send it along to our Support Engineers?

Daniel Mensch

Hi,  This thread seems in the ballpark to some issues experienced on the iPad, so I'll chime in with some quite odd behaviours on the iPad:

Storyline 360, latest build, published as SCORM 2004, Flash with HTML fallback. Delivery via ScormCloud.

The issues are experienced on iPad and iPad mini, with IOS 11.2, Safari and with Chrome. Not iPhone, MAC, PC or android tablet.

See the attached screen recording which shows:

Initially when in portrait mode, all objects appear as intended: video, images, texts and background shapes for the texts.

At ca 00:14, when the iPad is rotated to landscape, the text object toward the bottom of the screen - which is a subtitle - disappears. 

At 00:19, when the image transitions back to the talking head video, this problem continues. There should be a subtitle and a background shape shown but it is not. 

After the video fades at 00:22, the text object introducing the next sequence appears at 00:26, although normally this appears a few seconds earlier. But at least it does appear.

From 00:31 until the image appears at 00:38, there should be a video with a text object (subtitle) on a background shape, but nothing is shown.

When the image appears at 00:38, there should be a subtitle text object and background shape, but there is none.

When the device is rotated to portrait at 00:44, the subtitle text object and background shape appear after a brief second. 

When the image fades out at 00:46, the video should be shown but isn't, whereas the subtitle text object and background shape are shown.

At 1:00, the hamburger icon is selected which accesses the lightbox showing the course menu.

A different section is chosen, which starts at 1:12. The video, text objects and background shapes appear as they should.

When the device is then rotated to landscape, the lower text object (subtitles) and background shape disappear after a short second, while the other text object and background shape display as they should. 

Pretty crazy!  Again, we've ruled out the client's LMS, and other devices other than the iPad. And the issues are experienced on the iPad both using Safari and Chrome, so it doesn't seem to be the browser.




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the video file and timestamps - can you share the .story file as well? When rotating from portrait to landscape or back again, it's hard to know what's missing without actually testing the URL or .story file myself. 

I know you had also worked with Wilbert on an issue with the lightbox previously, so I'm also happy to help you start a new support case for this too. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jessica, 

It looks like Daniel's issue was reported to our QA team in that text was disappearing if the course was rotated to landscape mode. It's also specific to using the Classic player and isn't happening in the modern player for Storyline 360. 

It would be good to know if that matches what you're using and seeing, or if it's something else. Let me know, and we can always take a look at your file to investigate further. 

Jessica Angove

Hi Ashley, 

Yes, that is the same issue I am experiencing. I was using the classic player, so I tried using the modern player as you suggested. That did not resolve the issue, and it actually caused some of the graphics/text to not appear in either portrait or landscape mode. My screens are also using video and zoom regions, which may be contributing to the issue? Is there a way that I can privately submit my file for your review?

Katie Riggio

Hi, all! I'm so excited to let you all know that we just released update 19 for Storyline 360–check out all the goodies it includes here! 🎁

We've got a solution for the issue where text would disappear when viewing courses on iPads in landscape mode. Thanks again for reporting this oddity!

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360 to see everything the latest release has to offer. Let us know what you think!

Katie Riggio

Hi there, folks!

For those using Storyline 3: Update 6 for Storyline 3 is now live – check out all the goodies here

One of the fixes addresses the issue where text would disappear when viewing content on an iPad. Specifically, in the landscape view.

Here's how to update Storyline 3. If there's anything else I can help answer, I'll be here!