problems whith projet html5

I am currently working on a project.  The project contains several links to other projects (which were published in html5 . )

As I encounter problems LORs registration or transfer of .storyline project. I have to publish the contents separately. Then, add a "Jump to URL" Trigger on the main content that will redirect your learners to the corresponding contents.  

As an example:

 Project_1 = Main Course

Projet_2 = Secondary module.

 1. Publish "Projet_2" and upload it to your LMS or Web server. Then, get the URL to the published content.

2. Open "Project_1" and go to Slide that contains the Main Page:

3. Insert a Button with the following Trigger: 

Action: Jump to URL/file

File: (Link to published "Project_1" content)

When: User Clicks

Object: Button 1

I have a problem . after I published my source project (with the links to other publications) , the links do not work ?

Can you help me? Thank you in advance


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ophelie deroubaix

Firefox is my browser (the last), I have checked the options. But it's still not working. My source file is on my local hard drive and shared network (two different folders).
I have several modules that I published in html5 and I would like to put in the same file. In other words, a source file (main module) containing all modules in html5. The learner will arrive on a home page that will return it to the different modules.

ophelie deroubaix

Ok thank you for your answer, i have another question

if we use HTML5, we normally don't need Flash?, our goal is to avoid the use of flash because we don't want to have trouble in the future if the browser asks us to update flash player (all the computers in pur company are very strictly configured), only the support can update the configuration.