Problems with a menu slide

Jun 22, 2018

Hi all,

I am working on a course that has a main menu slide that navigates between lessons (scenes). Lessons must be done in order and every time a lesson is compelted, the new lesson becomes available.

I programmed it using states and variables that track lesson completion.

I'm running into problems that after a lesson is completed, I can't revisit it by clicking on the icon. It won't navigate me to the lesson again.

I can do that using the let navigation pane, but not through the lesson image buttons.

I'm attaching the menu slide so you can see how I programmed things. In addition to the programming on that slide, there are also variables (T/F) that mark a lesson complete. They are placed on the last slide of each lesson.




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Walt Hamilton

You have such a good start, and have done so many things well. There is only one small thing that is throwing you off:


Initiating a trigger when "state of X is X " has been proven not to work if you have too many triggers on your slide, or if you have too many objects, or too many conditions on your slide. Too many is usually 5 or more. In fact, it works really well on the second Tuesday of the 5th week of the month.

Change it to Change state of XXX to Ready when timeline starts if lesson1_status = True.

Variables are always reliable.

Eitan Teomi

So...I spoke a little too soon.

Now - there is no problem to move between completed lessons after they are completed BUT the button State for each lesson remains in "Ready" State instead of 'Complete". I attached the triggers on that menu slide..yeah I know..there are a lot of them.

Any suggestion is GREATLY appreciated.



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