Problems with a software simulation

Hi Everyone,

I'm attempting to create a 'try me' simulation using Storyline (in the past I've used Captivate). The tutorials indicates that the 'Try' mode will generate a slide for each entry, however I don't see a slide for each action (I'm sure it is me), I see the same slide through several entries. When I play it in preview mode, I can see everything I want the user to do, but when I open the scene to edit, I can't see a screen for each action.

Also, it gives points and a 'submit' button as if it is a test (I did check, I recorded it as a 'Try' not a 'Test'). I just want the user to try to do the process, I'm not scoring them. I know how to turn off the 'submit' but how do I get every screen to show so I can edit?

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Karel Wagner

Ok, I'm not sure why, but the problem may not be me or Storyline, instead it may be the software I'm trying to capture. I'm attempting to capture data entry steps within a 'Rumba' system.

I just tested it using a Windows application and IBM Notes and it gave me each screen as I expected. I went back to the Rumba system and recorded another set of data entry steps and the same thing happened. I can see everything in preview mode, but it doesn't give me each slide.

 Any ideas why the screen capture works differently with the Rumba system?