Problems with audio leveling

Feb 18, 2020

Hello I'm having trouble leveling the audio across slides in several projects. The slides all follow a similar format/ template though some have video narration and some audio. Because of recording challenges, the audio volumes are starting out lower and I'm trying to increase the volume to match that of the videos (or come close). I've used the 'Volume - High' and Audio editor option to manually increase the volume but I'm nto getting the desired effect. Also little bugs have been plaguing me this whole project, the most recent one being that after editing an audio track it functionally disappeared (I could see it in the timeline, it looked 'fine' and I could preview in the timeline but when previewed in the preview option and published it was treated like a short soundless audio clip ('move after audio completes' trigger confirmed this is how it was being treated). I was able to just replace the audio with the same file and it was ok but it makes me hesitant to want to do too much more fooling around. 

I can't share the file publicly but if someone from Articulate could take a look for me I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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