Problems with back and forward button

Hi all,

I have unchecked all the back and forward buttons in the storyview. But sometimes when I inserted a quiz slide and I have answered the question. Then I have inserted the possibility to jump back back to a slide the back and forward buttons appear.

Is this a bug or is a trick when you re-visit a slide the navigation buttons appear?

Best Paddy

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Patrick Mash

I made it in this way. I have not used a standard submit button. I have inserted a button and used the "submit interaction" trigger.

In the edges of the screen I have inserted my own back/forward button. But when I navigate back on the slides the back and forward buttons appear.

Is there are possibility to change this?

Thank in advance - Paddy

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paddy,

Unfortunately not - as Storyline doesn't know you have your own custom submit button, and therefore on a revisit is giving you options for navigating away from the slide again. I've heard a few users who were able to get the buttons to *not* show up by removing all player buttons in the bottom of the slides such as the seekbar, volume, etc. so that the next/prev buttons don't have a place to go.