Problems with Bookmarking and Course completions with SCORM/AICC

Sep 17, 2015

I have a client who uses to host SCORM courses and then uses AICC to launch the courses internal LMS (which I believe is Saba).  We are having issues with bookmarking and course completion status.  Both LMSs support bookmarking.

This pass all the tests with on the SCORM integration.  I also have tested on the SCORM cloud and bookmarking works; however, things go south once they are launched from the internal LMS.

If I use the settings of Prompt to resume and I uncheck "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie". The courses will transmit the course completions status to the LMS; but, not the bookmark. 

If I use the settings of Prompt to resume and I leave  "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie" checked, neither course completion or bookmark works.

My best guess is there is something up with the AICC integration.  When I publish the course as SCORM 1.2, I see the AICC Functions.js is published to the LMS folder.  Are there any essential files that get created when publishing to AICC? Do I need to double publish for AICC and SCORM?

Any advice would be helpful.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ron,

Please feel free to keep us posted on what you see with debug mode. You mentioned it did work on SCORM Cloud - but that it was too large to load onto SCORM Cloud? So I'm not sure if you've successfully tested there or not. If you need assistance testing our Support engineers can also upload it into SCORM Cloud as our account has more capacity than the free 100 mb one. You can reach out to them here and you'll want to share the .story file. 

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