Problems with button/triggers moving from preview to review to publish.


I have created a quest based game for a client. It is not particularly complicated but I am having a problem.

When I preview it locally on my machine - it all works fine. When I send it for review by the client various buttons (mostly 'submit') do not work - even though the cursor changes to a hand so regonising a button/hotspot.

Also a trigger/button will work in one iteration then not work in another - it's like playing whack-a-mole.

As a last resort I published a problematic scene to my LMS test site and the scene that was misbehaving in review worked fine - so I published the entire project (without changing anything) to the same LMS - 3 slides in the the scene I had published as a stand alone stopped working. I checked them again the the stand alone and they worked fine.

Any thoughts/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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