Problems with changeable hover states - please help me

Apr 24, 2014

Hello guys.

I'm very new to Articulate Storyline but I really like it! A the moment I'm working on a progress bar that I can use in my e-learning materials, but I got some problems :/

 I have attached a file whear the progress bar works just like I want it to but I'm haveing some problems making my hover states work. Can anybody tell me why the hover function dont work the right whay on the "normal" state when it works perfectly after the elements have been "selected"??

Please let me know if you dont understand my question.

Best regards
Max T. Jensen 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Max and welcome to Heroes!

Thanks for sharing the file here. When you describe the part that's not working, are you referring to how the hover state for the "hover normal" does not return to just the normal state when the user's mouse is no longer hovering over the arrow element? I've seen this before on items that have included conditions associated with the hover state, and the fix was to either remove the conditional elements or you could try to add another trigger to change the state back to normal when the mouse hovers over another area - such as a transparent shape around all the arrows or a hotspot. 

Max Jensen

Hi Ashley.

Yes, if was referring to  the problem with the hover state ofthe "hover normal"  that does not return to just the normalstate. Thanks you for your answerer.  I tried to find a solution with thehotspot to change the state back but without much luck. When I leave thehotspot (to press another object) then hover state will jump back to the hoverstate, witch it is not meant to. 

I am afraid I’ll just haveto use the progress bar without the effect of the hover state.

Best regards

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