problems with characterbundle


I'm experiencing some trouble with the character bundle in Storyline.

As long as I was using the trial version, everything worked fine.

We then bought Storyline and downloaded the character bundle that came with it (free for presenter 09 owners).

When I now try to insert a character, either illustrated or photographic, the system is blocking, not rendering any character.

It's probably my own fault, extracting the character bundle before actually registering Storyline itself.

Can somebody tell me how to solve this?

Thank you!


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Kim, when you downloaded the free pack, you should have got an executable file called characterbundle1.exe 

(you may have downloaded a zip file instead of the exe. In this case, you would extract the file in the zip before running the executable.

All you need to do to install the characters is to run the exe file and follow the install instructions.

Amélie Lamirand


I have exactly the same problem:

1) I have installed Articulate Storyline Trial Version a few weeks ago.

2) I have added the licence key to install the standard Articulate Storyline version.

3) I have unzipped the free Characters pack and have run the .exe, when the step to enter the serial key appear, I entered my serial key and have the button Next written in Grey, I cannot click on Next button to finalize the installation.

Have you found a solution?



Justin Wilcox

Hi Amélie.

The serial number for the character bundle is not the same as the serial number for Articulate Storyline. You should have received an activation email that would provide you with the serial number you should enter to activate the character bundle. If you continue to have difficulty, please submit a case.

youshra B

Hi!  same as Kim, I'm having an issue as well...I have purchased Storyline and with it I got the character bundle for free, I installed the bundle by clicking on the .exe file and everything was just fine.  My issue is that when I choose to insert any character, i can see the same characters that came free with the program and not the 'freebie' ones.

Kindly let me know how to proceed.



Andrew Dean | LUCID Learning Group Inc.  (

Hi Peter,

Just like Youshra, it does not appear as though the free characters completely installed after following all the appropriate steps for install because I think I have the standard to choose from still. I'm working with a team here in a large company guiding other teams to slowly turn to Storyline, and many of us do use dual monitors. I'm curious about what you have to say reagarding this issue, and if dual monitors is somehow contributing to this problem. (?)

Thank you!


Peter Anderson

Hi Andrew, welcome! 

There was an issue that was fixed in a recent update to Storyline, wherein if you were using multiple monitors, you may have found that the characters window wouldn't display as expected, or it opened offscreen. Sounds like you may be running into something else though, like perhaps an installation that didn't quite take properly. You may want to review these steps to see if it makes a difference, otherwise, please feel free to contact our support team for more help. Thanks! 

Andrew Dean | LUCID Learning Group Inc.  (

Thanks Peter!

Thanks! BTW: do you know how many characters pak #1 should import, or how many I should have available "off the shelf" with storyline (vector or rastor - for comparison)?

I would like to verify this before taking any action per your helpful suggestion.