Problems with connecting different courses

Hey everybody,

I've got some issues connecting differnt courses with each other.  We have got an new sports programme with different types of sport, for example yoga and soccer, at my company. And we would like to use Storyline to inform our staff about this programme, but we also like them to sign in to the different types of sport via storyline.

So I created a course, where all the different types of sport are listed (like a menu) and serveral small courses for each type of sport. These courses are connected via Hyperlink, so that the User have to press the button for yoga for example and jumps directly in a new window, where he can get more informations about it. In the smaller courses there are "quizzes" and result slides, so that I can see how many People are interested in the different types of sport.

When I upload the courses to our LMS the jumping from one course to an other works just fine. The Problem ist, that our LMS isn't able to see that the User has enclosed the small course (yoga). When I start directly with the small course (yoga) -without using the menu- than it works just fine and the LMS understands that the Course is enclosed.

Any ideas what I can do here?

I already thougt about putting all informations in just one Story - but If I would do this, than I'm not sure how I should be able to see in which types of sports the staff is interested.

Thanks for your help everybody!

Many regards,


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Dave Cox

Hi Ramona,

You should probably have the link in storyline go to the LMSs registration link for the course, rather than the course link. Once registered, send the student to the LMS dashboard that displays their pending courses.

We have done that on occasion when we need one course to send a student to another course, and when done in that manner, it works fine.

Ramona Nagel

Hi Dave,

thank you for your advice!

I think your idea works good but if I would do it like you suggested, than I don't have a direct connection between the courses. In fact I can upload the different types of Sport courses without the menu course and tell the staff that they just have to open the courses that they care about.

So, yes your idea is definetly a solution but not as elegant as I was hoping.