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May 04, 2016

Hi! I created two Articulate Storyline 2 files and I uploaded them to an LMS named Schoology. My professor now wants to view my files. She claims that she has to enable cookies to be able to do so and she is not willing to. What can I do to send her these two files and guide her to open them without enabling any cookies. She just called and told me she needs to have this resolved by tomorrow. Please help!

I can't thank you enough. Lorena

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Lorena -- Thanks so much for reaching out and let's see what we can do to assist! Cookies only need to be enabled for tracking purposes, not to view content. However, the LMS may prompt a learner (or professor in this case) to see if cookies are enabled. You may want to reach out to Schoology for additional assistance here, or if it's not imperative that the course be viewed within the LMS, there are a number of other options you can use if you only need to share the content itself.

Please see this article for some alternatives when Publishing and Sharing SL2 Content. You might want to either publish the course for Web, upload it to and send her the link. Or, you can publish for LMS, upload to the SCORM Cloud, and send her the public invitation link.

Hope that helps, and if difficulties persist, you are welcome to work with our Support Engineers via this form (as you mentioned time is of the essence)!  :)

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