Problems with Copy/Paste text from Microsoft Word or notepad.

Sep 24, 2019

I have come across a few issues with text in Storyline 360.

1. On certain pages, my client sees exclamations points (assumption that the font is not installed or embedded) or the font is incorrect/size is wrong. (Most see the page as it is intended) I have noticed that if you delete the text box and recreate it, sometimes it solves this problem.

2. I have copy/pasted text into notepad (to remove Words formatting), and then into a text box in Storyline. The pasted text removes characters or will cut them off. (you will only see half the letter). Again, deleting the text box and typing the text directly into a new text box solves this problem, however, having to re-type text that you already have is a time-waster. 

3. Applied Line Spacing options will not show on assigned text box. The settings are correct but the resulting text is not. Again, a fresh text box and typing the text instead of copy/pasting seems to work. 

Anybody else experiencing this issue? 

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Ian,

Thank you for reaching out and for sharing a screenshot of what you are seeing! I followed the guidelines you provided here but I wasn't able to recreate this behavior. 

A couple of questions for you on this:

  • What version of Microsoft Word are you using?
  • Does this issue happen in any course you are working on or just a specific one?
  • If you cannot re-create the issue in a new course, could I have you try importing the file into a new one?

If this behavior is happening in any/all files, I would recommend performing a simple repair of Storyline. 

Ian Skuse

Office Professional Plus 2013. It also happens if I copy/Paste from notepad. 

It has happened in every course I have created.  Currently, pasted text will not allow me to set paragraph spacing (the pop-up box shows my settings, but the text box is obviously not applying them). However, if I manually type the content into a new text box, I can set the paragraph spacing and the settings are applied. 

In the attached image, you can see the top text box is selected and the chosen paragraph styles. the bottom text box was manually typed with the same settings. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Ian,

Thanks for providing those additional details. Since you're also coming across the issue with Notepad, it seems like we can rule out Microsoft Word causing the problem.

Try repairing Storyline as Vincent mentioned above, and if you're still running into issues, feel free to reach out to one of our Support engineers to dig a little deeper and figure out why you're running into this!

Jeff Forrer

I was also seeing similar behavior over the last couple of months with text in buttons that I used for a, b, c multiple choice.  

I will try to replicate, I found that I had to manually had to enter a hard return at the end of the line where it occurred, (shift+enter) at the word before the letter cut-off word. This would pull that word into the next line and the cut off word would not appear any longer, not sure if that will help.  

This was copying from Notepad, I always copy to Notepad first before pasting in SL.


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