Problems with disabled buttons

I have set custom variables/triggers to unlock each part of the menu (on the landing page of the module)when the learner completes a previous section.  The course works fine as long as the learner doesn't go backwards. 

Each new section button changes states from disabled to normal correctly (I have set triggers to change the button states from disabled to normal when the button before it changes to completed state).

However, if the learner goes back to any already visited section, the button that should unlock reverts back to disabled state.  At first, I thought this was happening because some slides were set to "reset to initial state".  I have changed all slides to "resume saved state" and the problem is still happening.  

How can I set triggers and variables so that the learner can go back through already visited slides and keep the disabled state on buttons from reverting back?


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Emily Ruby

Hi S,

It would be easier to diagnose if you can share the file here for us to take a look. Depending on the trigger set up, this may be working as designed. Do you have a trigger to disable at timeline start, or are you setting the initial state to disabled?

You can attach the file using the Add Attachment button. Thanks!

Walt Hamilton

Emily is probably right. It sounds like the buttons are set to disabled when the timeline starts, then set to normal when the button preceding it in sequence changes state.

You may want to use an initial state of disabled, then when the preceding button is clicked, set a variable and change the state to normal. Then have the state set to normal when the timeline starts if the variable shows that it should be unlocked.

Or you may want to just attach your .story file here so someone can take a look at it.

Andria Shooter

Hi - I'm hoping this is related and also "answerable" - How can I do this without setting the Menu Slide to "return to initial state" (we don't want the animations and audio to replay, and also want visited buttons to remain visited).  When the menu button state is set to change "when timeline starts" if variable = (whatever) requires the timeline to restart in order to check for the variable change and therefore trigger the state change.  How can I get the variable checked on returning to the slide without the slide restarting?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Andria!

It sounds like you have a custom menu slide that contains buttons with a disabled state. As the learner returns to the menu slide, the buttons should change to the normal state to unlock the next section. Is that right?

Setting the menu slide to "resume saved state" should accomplish what you're looking to do, but it sounds like you're still struggling to make this work.

Would you mind attaching a small sample file so we can get a clear picture of your menu slide? I'd be happy to help!