Problems with HTML - HTML5 : Black screens transition


I meet a problem with an e-learning I published in HTML5. I have to watch it on a tablet (samsung android 4.4.2) but the result is not what I was expected : I see a black screen between each slide (video 1,2,3) or pictures disappear (video 3).

The e-learning is on a LMS platform (SCORM 1.2) and I use Chrome to watch it.

You will see in attachement 3 videos which show you my problem :

- The first video show you the result when I put the lms-HTML5 link in the plateform

- The second video show you the result when I put the lms-HTML link in the plateform

- The third video show you that pictures (png. format) are not visible

Please, anybody can help me ?

Tank you in advance for your help.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laetitia,

Thanks for sharing the images here. Our QA team is aware of an issue where when using a screen recording video and viewing the HTML5 output on your Android device there is a blank/black slide inbetween the screens or as the video changes. I don't have any information to share in regards to workaround although it seems to be specific to Android and the Chrome browser - so you may want to look at publishing for the Mobile Player (additional information here on how to ensure it'll work with your LMS) and/or using an iPad. 

I'll include this thread in the report filed with our team so that I can share additional information with you here once it's available.