Problems with implementing a Storyline project as SCORM-package in Moodle

Maybe someone can help: This problem only occurs if I mark the box “Launch player in new window” in the player properties. If I publish the project as SCORM 2004 (4th generation) and host it in our Moodle LMS, the new windows opens, but in the old window appears a button “Start Course!” (see attachment). If I click on this button, I get an error message that tells me that there is a problem with the communication between LMS and SCORM (see attachment). The error occurs also in the SCORM Cloud and thus has nothing to do with our own Moodle system. The button is problematic, since users will get an error message.


It would be great if the button is either not there or restarts the course as it is designed to do.


I would appreciate any thoughts on the issue!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Christian!

It sounds like your LMS automatically launches courses in a separate window, so you’ll need to disable the Launch player in new window option in your player properties. Otherwise, your course won’t communicate with your LMS and won’t work as expected, which sounds like this is exactly what you're running into.

You can read more about troubleshooting LMS issues here!