Problems with layers and triggers

May 09, 2013

Hi Everybody,

I have a particlarly odd problem today involving layers and triggers which show which layer to show when a user goes to a slide. these faults occur on slide 2.7.

There are 2 problems.

1. the order the hapes apear on the layer are not correct, some appear in front of others which they are set to be behind.

2. This one is a bit complex but put simply when the trigger says to show a layer, parts of the base layer appear even though they have been hidden. It's not all bits either just a few random ones.

I have attached a very scrubbed project and will explain how to get the faults.

1. open the training and at any point click on progress at top left of screen, near the contents/menu.

You will see a screen detailing how much of the training you have completed (I have only left one part of the training with variables that trigger the change of statees for the progress bars). You will also notice that the green progress bars are behind the black frame (except for one the forth progress bar down is fine).

When you click on the 'expand button' you will see more progress bars (it opens a layer). You will notice that the green progress bars are now on top of the black frames.

This was made with a lot of copy paste and the order of the objects is the same on the base layer as it is on the second layer. Can anyone tell me why the objects are staying in thei order??

2.   Open the progress screen.

click the expand button.

Except for the fault I just mentioned everything is fine but if you close the progress screen and then open it again (it will open expanded as there is a trigger that remembers it's last state even though it is on 'reset to initial state'.

Now if you scroll up and down you will notice that some objects from the base layer are showing up even though they are hidden.

Just for fun unexpand the progress bar list by pressing the close button (which I am realising as I write this is poorly named). You will not notice that the objects from the base layer that appeared on the other layer are now missing from the base layer. Did they like the second layer better? Did they migrate there? If a shark fought a Bear who would win??

These are all questions I can't answer and would love some help on.


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