Problems with Master Result Slide: Not marking as complete when meeting requirements

Hi All.

Would be grateful for some help with this problem. I am using Storyline 1 ( Update 8)

I’m using a master slide and it’s not performing how I am expecting it to do.

I have a module with two standard results slides.

The first result slide is a ‘Test out’ assessment where people can do the Assessment up front and if they successfully pass they have completed the module. The pass mark is 100%.  Let’s call this “Quiz 1”

If the fail the upfront test they are directed to the module’s content which they work through and are then presented with another assessment. The pass mark is 100%. Let’s call that “Quiz 2”

Now they only have to successfully complete one of these assessments to mark the module as complete.

So I have set up a master result slide to combine the results to trigger a complete/incomplete status for my LMS.

Because I only need them to successfully complete one of the modules I have set the pass mark on the master result slide to be 50% ie the successful 100% completion of Quiz 1 OR Quiz 2.

In the module when I preview and render it out if I successfully complete Quiz 1, I get the success layer on Quiz 1 and I get the success layer on the Master result slide.

When I publish and test and upload to my LMS it behaves the same way BUT it doesn’t mark as complete within my LMS, even though the learner has met the success requirements of 50. (and been shown the success/pass layer on the master slide)

I tested in SCORM cloud just in case my LMS was playing up, and the same thing happened 50% score (which is a pass) but still registering as incomplete.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why the 50% successful completion on my master slide isn’t allowing the modules status to mark as complete in my LMS or SCORMCloud?


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Matt Blackstock

Hi Wendy.

Thanks for your reply.  They are set to Completed/Incomplete. So I would normally assume that if the result is 50+ it should return Completed.

However I have had issues with my LMS before with this when there is a score involved.

I might test Passed/Incomplete to see if that makes a difference.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Matt

just so I understand, in order for both the results slide to report to the combined results slide the the user needs to be touching both results slides? Is this happening?  If the user does Quiz 1 and passes they don't need to do Quiz 2 - so only Quiz 1 will be attempted.  In this case, the condition for the combined result slide is never completed...does that make sense?


Matt Blackstock

No.  If they pass Quiz 1 they will only touch the result slide for Quiz 1 and the Master result slide. They won't touch the result slide for Quiz 2.

Do they need to touch both for the Master slide to register a combined?

My thought process was that the master slide would just count Quiz 2 as '0'.

But, based on what your saying above, will it only combine results if it presents (ie touches) the Quiz 2 result slide to the learner as well? Am I understanding that correctly?

Matt Blackstock

Sorry Wendy, yes that does make sense.

I have tested it by moving through both results slides (skipping the questions on Quiz 2 for a fail result of 0% on Quiz 2 results slide) to the master slide, but it is still coming back as incomplete even thought it is meeting the 50% mark achieved by Quiz 1.

Could I be missing anything else?

Wendy Farmer


Hi Matt

here are my results base on how I think you have it setup.  If you want a link to the published file in Scormcloud let me know.  So the results below tell me the user would have to touch both result slides for it to register.  I was using your Completed/incomplete option.  Not sure if that helps or confuses the issue ;-)

Test 1.  I complete Quiz 1 - get 100%

Test 2 - fail Quiz 1 work content, pass Quiz 2 - get 100%

Matt Blackstock


Spot on! You are getting what I am getting in SCORM cloud as well.

As you can see if you complete Quiz 1 it gives the 50% and the complete layer in storyline, but will not pass the complete status back to the LMS.  It does look like it needs to touch both results slide. But I would like the module to complete if they pass the first Quiz 1.

Taking the idea of it needing to pass through both results slides, I tested a pass through from Quiz1 Results slide to Quiz 2's Result slide (once again not answering any of the questions in Quiz 2) ie They get Quiz 1's result slide which at the end of its timeline jumps to Quiz 2's result slide and then at the end of Quiz 2's Results slide timeline it jumps to the Master result slide.

I thought that might fix it, but unfortunately even though it passes through both results slides it still get the success layer on the master slide, but doesn't pass a complete status back to the LMS/SCORM cloud.

Do you think at least 1 question needs to be attempted within Quiz 2, off the back of the 100% in Quiz 1, to pass the Master slide complete status back to the LMS?

Matt Blackstock

Hi Wendy,

It is a similar quiz (pooled questions) but there is no reason why it can't be done as multiple attempts of the same quiz pre and post.

I've updated the module to allow  multiple attempts at the one quiz after a content review, and removed the master result slide all together.

Problem solved :)

I just want to thank you very much for all of your help and assistance!  It's really helped me to review my own thought processes and clarify when/how to use master slides best.

Thanks again :)