Problems with published Trainings

Hello together,

I have a question regarding a published training. I prepared a training for a client and at first it worked quite well. But now after a month or two, it behaves funny. Participants have to click buttons ceveral times and sometimes it works and sometimes it just stops working at all. I also checked the source files and they looked ok. Is there anything what I can do about it. Does is depend on the browser that I am using or is there anything I have to consider or think about first?

Thank you in advanced for your help!


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Ali Goulet

Hey Gina! What environment are the courses published for and where are you uploading them to for your clients to access them from? If they're viewing the course files from a local or shared drive, that may be what's causing this wonky behavior. You'll want to make sure they're uploaded to the environment they're published for to ensure proper playback. For instance, if you Published for Web, you'll want to upload them to a web environment, such as Tempshare, and provide the user with a link to the course. 

If you want to share it with them to be played locally so you don't have to upload it anywhere, you'll want to use the Publish for CD option. Once your client receives the published output, they can double click the Launch_Story.exe to launch the course locally.

Gina Ruether

Hi Ali,

so I talked to my client and she said that they use their internal Learning Management System to upload the files. Its name is Cornerstone. The participants than get an invitation and  a link out of it. 

So it seems that sometimes the system works really slowly or it just stops working at all at one point.

Any idea what I could suggest?

Thank you a lot!