Problems with Publishing Storyline360 and View using Chrome

I have a large group of users that need to view e-learning courses.    Many use Internet Explorer with older versions of Windows so when I publish I use the format of Flash with HTML5 as backup.    That has seemed to work fine and all users could view the courses in IE or Chrome.    I downloaded the latest upate version 3.9 13567.0 on Thursday and have been experiencing some problems, one of which is that the narrative and images are out of sync when viewing in Chrome.     Any suggestions on how I can solve for this or if I can return to an earlier version?

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Ali Goulet

Hey Marti,

Sorry you're running into those issues in Chrome! I'm happy to help and I have a few questions to start:

  1. Where are you uploading the published course to when viewing it in Chrome?
  2. When this is happening, are you viewing the Flash output or HTML5?
  3. Can you share your unpublished .story file here so I can do some testing? You can add it to a comment using the Add Attachment feature.

Keep me posted! 

Marti Davidson

I was able to install a prior version of Storyline 360 and so far it appears to be working with my testing.

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