problems with question masters

Hello All,

I am having a nightmare with some odd behavior on a question master.

Every time I apply it, it crushes the choice block into a small scroll bar on the bottom of the page.

I have checked the following.

1. do not autofit the text box is selected

2. the box is correctly placed on the master.

I know I can just make the question work correctly and then copy and paste it, but that defeats the point of a master.  

Thanks in advance for all your help



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ari,

I've seen it before and it's typically something wrong in the template. Steve offers a great fix for it here, but I did want to mention that testing yours I wasn't able to replicate the behavior when applying masters to your existing slide (where I saw the set up) and a new slide. So you'll also want to review the reminders I put in that thread in terms of working locally, etc. 

Ari Avivi

I"ve checked all of those, and just for fun reopened the file I sent to the community and now I see a new error.

It resizes the question box to a full width rather than the left half of the notebook. WHen I manually resize the question box, it drops the answer box down below the question box

very frustrated.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Avi,

You followed the steps as Steve mentioned in the previous thread in addition to what I mentioned in terms of working locally? 

Steve Flowers

  • Open 2 copies of Storyline
  • Open your file in one
  • Open a fresh file in another
  • Create a quiz question (any type)
  • Copy the slide from your fresh file into the other file -- this will make a copy of the master slides from the fresh file in your file
  • Right-click your problem slide and pick the question layout from the new set of masters
  • Scale your question container up. Should work now.

Since it sounds like you're having some overall odd behavior in your Storyline files, if you're already confirmed that you're working locally you'll want to look next at conducting a repair of Storyline as detailed here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ari,

Thanks for sharing the file here again. I see the same behavior on your existing slides, and if I add in a new quiz question the same master set up is applied. If I apply a different master and then reapply the quiz question master you've set up - then everything works as normal, although I can't recreate that on your first slides. Importing your project into a new file causes the behavior to persist although loses your master. I'm trying to recreate this behavior on a brand new file and working with slide masters doesn't cause any similar issues. 

I know you mentioned reviewing the information in that other thread, but since it seems to be file specific, I'd again want to confirm that you've checked through all these steps and gone through the repair of Storyline. 

Steve Flowers

Hey Ari - 

I rarely use question masters or attempt to reapply masters to quiz slides. I too like to have my stem on the left and choices on the right. It's a better balance and line lengths tend to be better. 

The master slide always wants to default to having the stem ABOVE the choices no matter what you try to do. It simply doesn't like the side-by-side setup. 

So I start with the default layout and create my question templates by type. I create T/F, multiple choice, multiple select templates for each question right in the slide view (not in the master) and copy / paste this template to create new questions. It's a pain and not the way I'd expect it should work but master slide behavior has been this way since SL1.

Ari Avivi

Thanks ashley,

I'm not entirely sure I understand your feedback.

when I add a new question it sets it up correctly, but once I enter choice information it collapses the multiple choice text box below underneath the question box ( like it is trying to default to having the question above)

I think what I will end up doing is just building the question slides and doing a copy and paste.  Would be nice for the designers to remove that defaulting behaviour though ( and yes I've already put in a request for this feature change previously)

Thanks for the attempt though.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ari,

How are you adding choice information after setting up the question? Are you doing it from the form view or on the slide itself using the green "plus" button in regards to the answers? That may be the difference - I only ever enter it in from Form view so that I let Storyline handle the initial formatting. 

Thanks for sharing the feature request. 

Ari Avivi

I'm adding it from the form view and it still does it.

I has to do something with the question defaulting to the question box on top.  I created another completely blank story then modified the basic question master to have the question on the side.   when I switched to it, it auto formatted the question back to the top of the page.