Problems with reviewing a quiz

May 31, 2013


I have a problem with a webtraining I created. In general the total e-learning works as follows:









Slide X

Results slide

On the results slide I added the option to review the quiz. Storyline then goes to Question 1. But if I press 'Next', Storyline does not go to Question 2 but it goes to Slide 3. And that's not what I want, as learners have to click through the entire course again just to see the questions and answers. Now I think there must be a way to do this the right way, so learners only see the question-slides when reviewing and not the general slides.

Anybody who can help? Thanks!

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Mike Enders


I believe this is expected behavior.  However, a way around this would be to use a True False variable.

1. Add a True False Variable (starting state False)

2. On the Results slide, Use the Review Quiz button to Adjust the T/F variable  to True(make sure this trigger is above the jump to slide trigger)

3. On each of your quiz question slides, you'll add a trigger to jump to the next quiz slide when the user clicks next on the condition that the T/F variable is True.

This should get you where you want to go.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Guys,

I just saw this and thought I'd take a look in case I run into this situation. I have a question. If I add a next button to my quiz (which I don't want to do), then I can get this to work.

But if my quiz is a default with only a Submit button, when I go to add the trigger to the quiz slide the jump to the next quiz when, next button isn't one of my choices. What should I be doing differently?

Marijn Bierhof

I understand your problem...had it too at first. I first added the 'Next' button and then added the trigger that would send the learner to the next question answered if the variable was set to 'True'. I then removed the 'Next' button again in the slide settings. The good thing is the trigger still remains.

So at first there is no Next button as you deleted it, but when reviewing the question slides the Next button appears and can be used as defined in the trigger

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Marijn,

Tx for responding. I'd done the same thing as you, but the trigger went missing when I deleted the next button! Just redid it, and it's there. Not sure if it's because I'd not yet downloaded the lastest version of SL onto my laptop (which I've now done), or careless user error. Oot-oh. CAN'T be that!

In any case, tx for replying because now I know it works and I may need this at some point. Maybe I'll make a Screenr on it and let people know the little trick about inserting/removing the next button.

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