Problems with Safari?

Hi All,

I just received some feedback from a user of one of my courses saying that the course hung up at a certain point and would not allow him to go forward.  When I investigated I found the same thing happened for me at the same spot in the course in Safari, but there were no hangups on either Firefox or Chrome. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? Any thoughts on how to fix the problem?  The course was created in SL2. THANKS

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Sylvia Wright

Hi Leslie, I've cut the course down to the lesson that is the problem on Safari.  Interestingly when I tested this lesson and then the course before putting it on our testing website the sound does not play, but once it is up on the site the sound is fine, but the lesson still hangs up (in Safari) a couple of slides after the two quizzes. where the farmer and the student are seated. Thanks for taking a look! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Sylvia - Thanks for sharing your file so that I could take a look.

I see the issue on this slide:

I did find the triggers that are the culprit though:

Looks like the course is getting 'stuck' because it's jumping back to the same slide over and over again :) You should be able to remove this trigger.

It looks like you are utilizing the same button from the base layer on all of your layers as well, so you may want to add another button 'on top' to maneuver through these layers without confusion, or perhaps utilize a variable/conditions.

Sylvia Wright

Thanks Leslie.  I will check those triggers, but I tested it in Chrome on Mac and Windows 10 and had none of those problems.  I did discover another glitch on Safari with one of my quizzes.  It is a drag and drop in lesson one.  In all browsers except safari the drops line up under each other, but in safari they all stack on top of each other. Yikes.  Also, I have one slide that has 3 video clips one on each layer. In Safari they do not play at all.  Frustrating to say the least.  I wonder if it is Safari or Wordpress on Safari??  Any thoughts? The course is at The snags are in lesson one.

Sylvia Wright

Leslie, if you look at the first lesson of the course in Safari ( under 'Courses' you can see how strangely the video contols display even on the first slide.  On the video layers slide I ended up setting video controls at none and then creating a play button to play the videos.  It's a work around that is redundant on all the other browsers because they play automatically and the video controls look normal in the other browsers.  The slide is 1.11 Lesson1 - The farmers' Attitudes Intro.  Thanks for looking!

Sylvia Wright

Hi Leslie,

That is part of the problem (and the fact that it only appears when the video is hovered over. The real problem is what I have attached.  I have also uploaded that original version on my test site ( Hopefully you can navigate to the farmer videos after the first quiz (correct answer is B) and can click on the small videos and let me know if they play for you in Safari. Meanwhile I get the .story file for you to check as well. You can observe the difference in the file on the site when I set the video controls to none and added the play button so that the videos would play (since they do not play automatically even though set at automatic???). MEGA THANKS

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Sylvia - Thanks for pinpointing your issue for me so that I could look at the correct thing you are reporting :)

I found where this has previously been reported for further investigation, so I'm going to share this thread and your small sample file as we track user impact.

It seems directly related to layers and perhaps setting up your layers on slides will assist in the meantime.

I took a peek at the first one and it seems to work in Safari :)

Sylvia Wright

Thanks so much for looking. I did think about moving the layers to separate slides(and likely will), but found that removing the video controls and just inserting a play button at least made everything work :).  I will be delighted when Articulate solves the layers problem as well as the whole video controls thing that just kind of messes up the whole look in Safari.  MANY MANY MANY thanks!

Now if Articulate can do something about fillable/printable certificates I'll be set :)!

Thanks again so much!


Sylvia Wright

Leslie, I'm having another couple of issues with Safari. I have a background pic on one of my quiz pages and I have used the transparency formatting to make it light and behind the text. It works great in all the browsers I've tested except Safari. Here is what it should ... and shouldn't look like (shouldn't being what I see in Safari...sigh. Also, I have a drag & drop quiz that in all browsers except Safari lines the dragged items up, but in Safari they are all stacked :(... pics attached

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sylvia,

I know you and Leslie have done a bit of work in this discussion - and now she's out on vacation! 😀 So I'm playing a bit of catch up here...

Could you share a copy of your .story file with just those two slides so that I could take a look? Also when you're viewing the content do you know which version of Safari? I assume it's on a Mac, not mobile safari? If so, I assume you've also checked to include the HTML5 output for Storyline 2?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for sharing that and trimming it down for me - super helpful. 😀

I tried to recreate the behavior in a new file, while using the "title setting" and that one worked normally - so I think your grouped objects are playing a role here. Instead of creating the text element as a separate part and then grouping them together you could just enter the text inside a standard shape and use the "shape line" formatting to change the color and thickness.

Also it seems specific to Storyline 2, as the good news is that it's behaving correctly in Storyline 3/360 (here's a link to the version I published with that version). 

For the background images, that also worked in Storyline 3/360 (I changed your home button icon to go right to the pick many slides as I didn't see another way to navigate there) but there is an open issue with transparent images in HTML5 not behaving correctly. To get around it - could you look at modifying the image transparency before inserting into Storyline? 

I'll connect this discussion to the open issue for the image transparency. I'll update you here if I hear any other information on it, but I don't see a lot of reported cases of it and we look at bug fixes according to the information here on how we identify and tackle bugs.

I’ll let you know as soon as we have an update on this issue. Thanks so much again for letting us know about this, and I’m sorry if it’s slowing you down.