Problems with Safari?

Hi All,

I just received some feedback from a user of one of my courses saying that the course hung up at a certain point and would not allow him to go forward.  When I investigated I found the same thing happened for me at the same spot in the course in Safari, but there were no hangups on either Firefox or Chrome. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? Any thoughts on how to fix the problem?  The course was created in SL2. THANKS

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Sylvia Wright

Thanks so much Ashley! I'll fix what I can and upgrade to SL3 as soon as budget allows. Meanwhile it will have to be as is until Articulate can fix it. Interestingly when I take the quiz on the initial page I have to click to drag the boxes and then click to let go, but on the second try page they snap to the box correctly??? Also, what do you mean by using the "title setting", please? I think the reason I used the rectangle over the shape is because they bunch together when they are dropped and the rectangle kept them spaced out and basically centered. THANK YOU!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sylvia,

For the grouped objects with text -instead of creating another object for the shape's text, just insert the text directly into the shape. Once you create a shape click inside it and start typing and that way you'll always have the two items associated and no need to do the extra work of creating groups! 

You can still modify them to have a different border colors, etc. as your grouped objects show - but it may help with your overall set up. Grouped objects tend to not play well with a drag and drop interaction.