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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Alice.

Happy to help!  I have a few questions:

  • What changed on your computer about a week ago that might be contributing to this problem?  Was there a Windows Update?  ...a change to network security?  Modified permissions on your machine?
  • Are you saving your content to your local hard disk (usually the C: drive)?  Saving to a network drive (or to a local folder that quietly redirects to a network drive) can cause a lot of problems like this.
  • Does this problem affect all .story project files or just some files?  Were you able to work around the problem somehow when it happened earlier this week, or did you lose your work?  If you successfully saved, how did you do that?  Have you tried performing a Save As to another location?

Let us know what you think, and we're always available here to work with you one-on-one if that's easier!