Problems With Scroller Pane - Activities or Exercises

Mar 27, 2015

As a company we write activities to form part of our courses. We use scroller panes to allow us to create step by step activities. Each step will have a piece of text and an image below with maybe some additional FAQ, Info markers etc. There could be up to 20-30 steps with no max limit. We have found that scroller panes are very, very difficult and unreliable in terms of dragging the images in, creating in the pane etc. Has anyone else found problems like this or even better found a better way of writing scroll based activities?


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Alan Maguire

Hi Emily, thanks for jumping in. What I am trying to do is to create a 20 step exercise using a scroller window. The attached file is where I would start and what I am trying to do it to create 20 steps below the first step spaced equally. When it is output, to CD, I would like the user to scroll through the activity.

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