Problem with showing results multiple choice question on other slides.

Oct 04, 2019


I have a problem with showing the results of a multiple choice question on other slides in Storyline 2.

I made an assignment where the user has to fill in a form. Per slide the user has to fill in one answer, sometimes an essay question and sometimes a multiple choice question. I know how to show the answers of the essay questions on the other slides, but I have some difficulties with the multiple choice question.

So far I have managed to show the answer options of the multiple choice question on the next slide and it is possible to show which answer is given. But the problem is that when the user changes his choice (see attachment slide 1.9 01-06), both answers light up on the next slide (see attachement slide 1.10 01-07) instead of his last choice. How can I fix that?

My second question is how can I make a selected/filled in radio button? I know it is possible with a selected state, but I don't want the user can change his answer on the slides (except for the slide where he can fill in the multiple choice question). 

I hope I have clearly described both problems. Is there someone who can help me with this?

Thank you!

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Randy Hill

So first off you are better off to use a true/false variable for the radio buttons. This way you can tell the trigger to say change the state of button 1 to selected if variable is true and then change the state of button 1 to normal if variable is false.

As for not selecting a button on the second page, just put an invisible box over top of them and then the user won't be able to select anything.

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