Problems with Slide Master Content Not Displaying Correctly on Slides

I built a storyboard template for Storyline and used Storyline as the storyboarding tool. Certain features I add to slide master layouts are not appearing correctly—or at all—on slides using those layouts. Here are examples of what I added on the slide master layouts:

  • Off-stage content (appears off to one side of the visible slide stage) for design/development notes. These consist of a rectangle, a text box for static text (e.g. "Programming Notes"), and a text placeholder, and I customized the display text for the placeholder (e.g. replacing the default "Click to add text" with "Click to edit programming notes").
  • On-stage text placeholders with customized display text.

However, when I add a new presentation slide based on this slide master layout, the rectangle and text box do not display. (If I add either of these ON stage on the slide master layout, they appear CORRECTLY on the presentation slide.) Also, the placeholders appear on the presentation slide; however, the customized placeholder display text does NOT display and instead, the default text displays ("Click to add title" or "Click to add text"). This is true whether the placeholders are positioned on or off the slide stage.

All of this works as expected in an identical template file in PowerPoint. Any ideas how to get off-stage content to appear correctly in Storyline? Or how to get the customized placeholder text to display as it appears in the master? I attached a scaled down version of the template file for reference.

Anyone who can solve my problem will be entered into a drawing for a Certified E-learning Heroes Decoder Ring (to possibly be developed at some later date).

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Chris - I was able to take a look at your file, and on the slide master, you would might want to try using a text box rather than a placeholder if you would like the text to display on-stage. As for the off-stage items, they won’t be appear because they are off-stage and this seems to be by design, so a possible workaround might be to add an off-stage item on the first slide, right click, duplicate, and that will make the off-stage item appear on the duplicated slide. Hope that helps!

Christine Strawsma

I am having the same problem in SL 3. I have placeholder text in the slide master that will only display as "Click to add title", rather than displaying my actual placeholder text of "Click to add Training title". I imported a PowerPoint file to start with. I tried reapplying the layout. I tried adding a placeholder content box directly in the slide master in SL and customized the text. Still no luck. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Christine!

Thank you for including the screenshots! Helpful to have a glimpse of the snag.

It's hard to nail down the exact issue without seeing the file itself. Can you share the Storyline course with us? You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.

Christine Strawsma

Hi Lauren,

I chatted with Hazel on Friday and she identified that this is a bug in the system.

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